Cooking Class

There are numerous restaurants in Bali that provide both Western and Asian cuisine. However, there are several Balinese dishes that are undoubtedly quite tasty in Bali. Many tourists wish to learn how to cook the traditional food of the island of Bali, and we have compiled a list of excellent places to do so. Let’s wait and see.

Below Are Some Places for Cooking Class

Paon Bali

All classes are conducted in English by Balinese chefs fully conversant with Balinese cuisine and culture in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in our beautiful kitchen- garden. Locally grown and sourced ingredients. Experience authentic coconut-oil processing plus learn to make a simple offering. Discover Balinese family life by exploring Laplapan village, chatting with local farmers and residents or by touring our temple.

Recipes and notes supplied for you to keep. Your choice of meat or vegetarian dishes.

Ketut Cooking Class

Class starts with a trip to a local market. In Bali Markets open early, The food markets are a great way to introduce students to Bali culture and lifestyle.Touring a traditional outdoor market provides insight both into how Balinese people approach cooking and how many spend their day. These lessons are as important as those in the kitchen. The Balinese Cooking Class that we offer are completely hands on and conducted in English, students will be provided their own cooking station and utensils to prepare and cook all of dishes by themselves.

Casa Luna

Class discussions are relaxed and friendly and are held in the elegant grounds of the second Honeymoon Guesthouse. They include specific references to the role of food in Balinese society, its ceremonial use, and religious importance.

This is the change to learn the Balinese traditional dish for everyone, especially the one who loves Balinese food. Herbs and all ingredients are the interesting parts because you will not find them in your country. There are only in Bali, which why we call it local traditional food. Moreover, you will learn and see the culture of the Balinese. This class will be the a wonderful experience in your life.

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